1and1 Email Sending Limits

1and1 Email Sending Limits

There is a limit to emails that you can send out each day. This is to control potential spammers and prevent abuse while maintaining server balance and integrity of the email host. If there is no 1and1 email sending limits then you’d receive hundreds of messages each day and that’s just overwhelming.

Each email hosting site has different rules and sending limits. Once you reach the number of 1and1 email sending limits you won’t be able to send more emails in that day. You can continue sending emails the next hour/day.

  • Limitations :6 per minute – Unlimited for Dedicated or VPS servers
  • Frequency : 30 emails / 5 minutes
  • Comments : Use PHPMail (SMTP ports are blocked)

What can happen when I reach 1and1 email sending limits ? (please, check the actual terms of your plan to be sure about these limitations)

  • Your emails will bounce. You will be given a warning or a time-out error stating that you have reached the limit for the hour or day.
  • Your account will be temporarily disabled and reviewed. This can happen when you send emails too fast.
  • Once the account is cleared it will be activated in the next 24 hours.

Always follow the guidelines on each email provider regarding sending emails :

  • To avoid being marked as a spammer, make sure that your recipients are willing and interested with your emails. If not then it will ruin your image as a sender and be permanently disabled.
  • Make sure you have a healthy relationship with your recipients and email host.
  • Always check your email addresses, if you have a huge number of unsent messages due to spelling errors or incomplete details then you are at risk for getting disabled.

1and1 email sending limits exists to protect their clients. Hourly and daily email sending limits are important to control email traffic. Always work with your email provider and don’t even try your luck in bending their rules.

Millions of emails are sent out each day, imagine if there is no 1and1 email sending limits, it would just be utter chaos, frequent server crashes and lots of reports.