2 Tips To Embed A Video In Your Email And Newsletters

video in email

Do you know ?

Use of video in email marketing show following results (according research of emailmonksĀ  and getresponse)

  • 55% increase in click-through rates
  • 44% more time spent reading emails
  • 41% more email sharing and forwarding
  • 24% increase in conversion rates
  • 29% of successful marketers link to a video landing page
  • 23% use the video embed method

With all the new and more complicated programs, why won’t email services just allow embedded videos on messages? The answer is simple. They don’t want to. This has been bugging email marketers for a long time. Emails won’t allow embedding a YouTube video to your messages because of several security reasons and protocol. However, you can still link the video but not embed it. But wouldn’t it be nicer to have a video rather than just a link in your emails?


So if Youtube embedded videos won’t work on emails, then can other video files like Flash, Quicktime, MPEG or Windows Media do? The answer is still NO. Though these videos come in a different format, you still need the embed tags in order to place them in your emails which still won’t work. For Flash, you need javascript and emails unfortunately don’t support it, so it’s a no. In Quicktime you still need to copy and paste the elements including an embed tag, so it’s obviously no. Same goes for Windows Media and MPEG video files.

Having a video would make your content more interesting but how can you add a video to your emails without breaching email protocol ? A few years back, some marketers discovered a clever workaround.

Email client support :

  • Static image : 100%
  • Animated GIF : 75%-90%
  • HTML5 Video : 5%-25%

Here’sĀ 2 Tips To Embed A Video In Your Email And Newsletters :

  • Link the video with an image.

Spice up your email with an image linked to the video. Use a free YouTube image that you can download and link to the video. For example :



  • Add a teaser image (best solution)

Grab a screenshot of your video and add a catchy description or title to make people click it.

You need to be creative when you want your email marketing messages to be actually read and the links followed. Instead of the usual text link to the video, incorporate a static image and photoshop a play button on it, making it seem a playable video. Once the user clicks on the image, they are redirected to the page where the video is uploaded and set on autoplay, it can be Youtube or the marketer’s website.

Now, you can increase your click-through rates with these 2 Tips To Embed A Video In Your Email And Newsletters