Best day to send a Newsletter

best day to send newsletter

What is the best day to send a Newsletter ?

There are 365 days in a year, 30 days in a month, and seven days in a week. Every day is identical, every day is frantic and we are always in rush. So, when is the best time to send your newsletter? I am sure you want more people to read your newsletter, don’t you ? But, how can you make that happen ? Read what is the best day to send a Newsletter

Before knowing when to send, it is more important to know when not to. Some days are very productive while some are total waste. 

Unproductive days

  • First few weekdays

First day of the working week is too irritating and everyone has a busy schedule with tons of piled up works. So it is better not to send your newsletter on first few days of the week. I suggest you to skip Monday and Tuesday.

  • Weekends

Nobody wants to read your newsletter on their weekends. Believe it or not, no matter how beautifully your newsletter is crafted or how genuine the contents are, people will become uninterested to read your newsletter on weekends. If you really care your readers, then let them stay in peace, let them chill, it’s the weekend. 

  • Festivals and holidays

People love to spend time with their loved ones and families during festivals and holidays. No one likes to read your newsletter leaving the festive enjoyment at their side.

  • Friday

People in most countries love Friday evening. Friday evening is also known as party eve, the overheard ‘Good Friday’ evening. As a result, people are less likely to read your newsletter during their party hour. So you have a very less chance of attracting your newsletter readers on Friday evening. Well, but Friday mornings are not so problematic.


Productive Days

Every day is not Sunday, and every day is not gloomy. There are some days that are very fruitful and extremely convincing. Some days are very productive and your readers are likely to go through your newsletter.


Keep in mind that the worst day of the week is the best day to send your newsletter. Wednesday and Thursday is known as the most chaotic days of the week. But surprisingly these days have better newsletter readership.


What is so special about Wednesday and Thursday?

  • By Wednesday, people are already used to their work schedule for the week. Therefore they feel less stressed towards their work and are likely to read your newsletter.
  • After Monday and Tuesday’s heavy activity, people start looking for space to put their feet up. Thus to comfort themselves, they spend a little more time in the internet and if sent on suited time, the chance of reading your newsletter amplifies.


After reading to this article, I guess you will perhaps send your newsletters on Wednesday or Thursday. But a day consists of 24 hours, and every hour is not prolific. So when is the best time to send your newsletter?


Suited time to send your newsletter

  • Everyone is in rush in the morning. Thus, while sending your newsletter, try sending in the afternoon.  Afternoon and later time is considered less stressful than the morning.
  • Are your competitors alongside? Do a bench mark study and find out what time they are active in. Try to alter the time for better readership.
  • Determine your target audience and their characteristics. Find out at what time the majority of your readers stay active.
  • If you want people to reply and get some feedback, send your newsletter in the evening. Evening hours are less pain in the ass. But it is pragmatic that one in thousands only reply.