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There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to SEO and online marketing. You need to think of ways on how you can build your reputation in your niche and at the same time reach out to your audience. There are different methods that marketers use in order to extend their reach and that includes email marketing. Email marketing campaigns are popular in the SEO and marketing world since it’s cost effective, has a higher conversion and success rate as compared with other form of media. Most people have email addresses that they use whenever they sign up to a website. These are then stored in the site’s database. Run an email tester to verify these email addresses.

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Choose the right Email Marketing Services to send your Emailing or Newsletter

With that, email marketing should also not be taken lightly, there are lots of email marketing companies and you can choose the best one for you with the help of Compare over 200 companies in the web and pick the one that will fit your campaign and budget.

Use an Email Tester to improve your email deliverability

Once you have chosen a good email campaign company then you should also get an email tester software, or online tool like our service (with free plan). It’s essential to any email marketing campaign. This email tester is a tool that will sift through your emails and make sure that they are deliverable and not worthless. This will ensure that you will send emails to the right recipients and not a dead address since it can affect your reputation as an email sender when you send emails to a list full of erroneous addresses.

Don’t rush your preparations when it comes to email campaigns, go through it carefully because once everything is ready then you can instantly launch your campaigns fast. Use our email tester today to go through your lists and weed out all those invalid emails to save your reputation and your hard earned money from going down the drain in just a matter of minutes.

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