Best time to send a newsletter ?

best time to send a newsletter

What is the best time to Send a Newsletter ?

  • What day and time will guarantee success in email marketing?
  • What is the best day to send out your campaign newsletters?
  • When to send your newsletters and avoid getting ignored by your audience.

Often times in the online marketing world, it’s quite hard to catch up with the unpredictable trend. It frequently changes and so does the habit of people. When we talk about email marketing, it’s about knowing the best timing to send these newsletters out. You want to ensure maximum efficiency and that your newsletters will actually be opened and read.


The question is however, when is the best time to send newsletters ?


  • Consider the demographic

Many experts in the marketing field vary when it comes to the best time to send newsletters. First of all you have to consider the demographics and your target audience. For instance, when you target an international audience then you should learn the peak hours of opening an email in an international stand point. If you are targeting a certain area or demographic, you should at least know when is the best time for opening rates in emails in that certain location. Your timing should be precise in order to get to your audience.


The next thing you have to consider is the age group. Are you sending these letters to a younger or older audience? To the working class or not? You have to know your target. Most younger audience tend to check their e-mails early in the morning, during breaks and late at night. On the other hand, the older audience tend to check their emails in the early morning and working hours where they have access to a personal computer.


  • Should you send emails during day or night?

You would want people to be alert and awake when you send out your newsletters. Preferably, the best time to send newsletters would be during day time. Sending out newsletters in the early morning (around 6am-8am) will guarantee a jump in your opening rate.


However, with the rising trends that incorporate e-mails and mobile, more people can now easily receive and open their e-mails even at night time. Sending out newsletters at unconventional hours (around 11am-12am) will also guarantee a good percentage of opening and click through rates.


  • When is the best day to send out newsletters?

The answer is, there is no “absolute best day” that you can send out your newsletters. Many people tend to avoid “Manic Mondays” since it’s the day that most people are bustling and hungover from the weekends. Yet, there are those who ignore it and still send out their newsletters since there is fewer competition.


During Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, many e-mail marketers have found a significant increase in their open and click- through rates. Fridays also make the best time to send newsletters since it shows an improvement in conversion rates. Mainly because people just want to get off work after hours, pass time and have the leisure to sleep late.


There are some e-mail marketers that advice their peers to avoid the weekends. Why? People just want to get away from it all during those days and relax. There’s a lesser percentage of people who actually check their e-mails on weekends.


Remember, it’s all about the right timing. There is no guaranteed best time to send newsletters since there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. That is why we encourage e-mail marketers to test out their campaigns and record their results.


Each company has different targets, needs and audience. In order to make a successful newsletter campaign you have to consider all these things. Do some split tests when sending out newsletters and you’ll eventually come up with YOUR “best time” to send newsletters.