Bulk Email Verifier with EmailShoot

Data collection is very important when it comes to any business, online or not. For online business, gathering emails are one of the most important things in order to market your services. This is how you will get to connect with your audience and get more leads and conversions. Verifying the emails on your list is also a must; you can verify them all at once with a bulk email verifier software, like our service (with free plan)

Don’t make the same mistake as other online marketers who have failed to use a bulk email verifier on their lists. Your reputation as an email sender is at risk every time you launch an email campaign that’s why it’s very important to take extra steps. Don’t let your emails land in the spam folder due to an obsolete email list. Be a trusted and reliable email sender by verifying your list before sending out your campaigns.

Always take time to update your email lists and database, save yourself the trouble of having obsolete or outdated emails on your list. Always be accurate when it comes to data since online business rely much on it. Many people change their emails but for whatever reasons it maybe, you should always have valid and deliverable emails on your campaigns. Stop sending emails to dead addresses because that will cause bounce backs and you wouldn’t want that to happen.


Wrong information can be entered by your users, a missing syntax, a wrong service provider, wrong spelling and such but whether it is intentional or not; it’s your job to weed these erroneous information so they don’t get included in your campaigns. Don’t waste your time and money on a dead and outdated email list. When you get the chance, always use a bulk email verifier to update your list and be rid of invalid emails.

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