• Alexander Selishchev

    One day they simply turned off our account in a midnight!

    We are software company and we build SaaS,
    We have thousands of users, some of them do random things like marking “rassword recovery email” as spam etc.

    Silently our reputation got below 0 and guess what, they did not even tried to contact us and tell we have this problems,
    they simply turned off account.

    Disturbed entire service for a morning. All the emails stopped working.
    Great work!

    You know what support person answered?
    “You agreed with terms and conditions, and those clearly state that when account complaint rate is above 0.10% it can be put offline”

    Thats true way to customer success. Be warned!

  • Marcin Puś


    It would be great if this article got some updates. Elastic Email now offers 150,000 free emails monthly and 24/7 customer support. Many things improved much, customer support responds within 40 minutes to all users.