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Email marketing campaigns are important for website owners since it’s one way for them to know if they have active members and at the same time expand their businesses and services via emails. Almost everyone owns and email and people check their emails several times a day. Emails are necessary whenever you subscribe to a website. Whenever a user subscribes to a website, their emails will be saved in the database. The website owner can then offer their services, new posts or updates from their website and send them directly to the emails provided by the users.

That’s why many SEO marketers and website owners take time to build their email lists so they can easily reach out to their users with email campaigns. However, not all addresses in the email lists can be used since some may contain errors, misspellings or just inactive. That’s why they need to use an email validator to verify email lists, as our service provided by


Why do you need to verify email?

Verifying your email lists helps you to determine whether the addresses in your list are valid and deliverable. To verify email you must use a trusted email list validator. This software helps to analyze email lists in order to authenticate whether these emails contain error or not. It's hard to build a good email list and it's harder to verify them one by one. With the help of an email validator, you'll save yourself time and do more productive things rather than check each email on your list which can take forever especially if you have over a thousand emails. Imagine sifting through these emails one by one, it will take you day and night and you’ll never get things done. Thankfully many software have been developed to verify email, you just need to use an email validator.

During the process of signing up and filling up necessary details some users may or may not intentionally enter a wrong email address. Whenever those forms are accepted these emails are then stored in your database. Yes, it’s good that your email lists have grown however your email lists may now contain inaccurate emails that can affect your mail server reputation.

If you send out bulk emails and most addresses on the list are undeliverable, then the bounce back email rate will be higher. This is something that you don't want to happen since email servers can be strict when it comes to bounce back rates. When you don’t verify email lists this can really happen. This can affect your reputation as a sender. When you have a poor reputation especially with the big email servers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo; it can get you blacklisted or your emails will immediately be sent to the spam folder. Either way, both outcomes are not good for an online business.

That’s why proper identification is important in order to weed out those invalid emails before you start on your email campaigns. Verify email with a good email validator service that will help clean your lists so you can have a clean email list, save your reputation by having a low bounce back rate and save time.

Should you not only be an eager marketer but also a smart one especially when it comes to things like email campaigns. Improve your email list by sifting through them and separate the low-quality and high-quality ones from the ones you need to delete. You’ve spent time, effort and money in your for your campaigns and it would be futile to send them to invalid addresses. When you verify email, you will be at ease knowing that your well-planned campaigns will reach real users.

Is This Email Valid?

Most people receive ten to fifteen emails a day, that's the usual. There are millions of emails sent around the globe daily. These emails are sifted through by internet service providers and can land either on your inbox or your spam. Upon receiving these mails it can either be read, undread or just ignored; or worse put to the trash especially if you sent it to the wrong recipient. That's why you need to check your email lists before your launch your campaigns.

Always ask yourself; “is this email valid?” to make your campaigns more effective by deleting unwanted emails and updating your database for valid email addresses. These emails are a means of leads and conversions for your business.

If you want your emails to be opened then better make sure they land on the inbox and sent to the right person. Many people check their emails often and with smartphones and other devices, they don't need to log in to a PC anymore just to read their mails.

A guarantee that your mails are going to be opened is if the person actually signed up for your site via subscription. They have signed up to your newsletters, updates and campaigns because they are interested in what you have to offer them so the higher opening rate.

Is this email valid? That is a question that you should always ask yourself before sending out your campaigns. Checking your lists and updating them are equally important and it’s one of the factors that will determine the success or failure of your campaign. There are a lot of email validating software available so you have no excuse for not using it and going through your list. It just takes a few minutes and you’ll be able to get results and be able to weed out those unwanted emails from your list.

How to verify an email address?

You can manually check all the email addresses on your list, it's possible but it's a waste of effort and time. Manually sifting through emails does not guarantee that you will be able to weed out each one of the list. It's okay if you only have a hundred, but what if you have thousands in your database. Will you still do it?


It’s necessary to know how to verify an email address on your list. An email checker will help to verify an email address in your list. There are lots of these services that you can find online, some free and some are paid but they do the same thing and that is to verify your email list. Aside from checking missing syntax or wrong spellings in the emails, you also have to know if the emails are active to begin with.


It's very important to know if an email can receive messages and that they are active since this will result in a low bounce back rate. A bounce happens when you send an email to an inactive or an invalid address. Low bounce backs in your campaigns give you better results; high bounce back however will not only affect your campaigns but your reputation online as well. Internet service providers do not dilly-dally when it comes to spam. If you keep sending emails to an outdated email address then you can be labeled as a spammer and be blocked from the service for good which is definitely not the outcome you would want.


Grow your company and your business, create a larger and more efficient email list by starting with one question; "how to verify an email address?". You can do so with the right email verifying software and always run them on your email lists before you start a campaign.