Email Extractor - Extract Email Addresses from text

(1) Enter text with email addresses to be extracted - (2) Click on the button Extract
We DO NOT store the emails !

Our Free Email Extractor is a tool which help you to extract email from a text. Sometimes you just need a list of e-mail addresses from text files on your computer. Rather that going about doing it manually, which is a painful job, you can try to use our free Email Tool.
Our 100% Free Email Extractor tool lets you to easily and quickly extract email addresses from a text. Paste your text in the box, and our robot will automatically detect and extract all the email addresses (from the text). Once email addresses are extracted, you can copy the list to clipboard
You will find this tool very useful when running email marketing campaigns.

You can find other Email Extrator tools on the web, so why our tool is better ?
  • 100% Free, with 100% NO-limitation (we display all the emails, and not only the first ones)
  • 100% Safe : we DO NOT store the emails. Many other tools (often free) save the emails to spam them... We do not save any email (in a database or a file on a server, or anything else!)
  • 100% Powerful : you want to extract emails from a text file ? with our highly accurate filter, our Email Extract will extract 99.9% of the emails include in a text. And we provide a list of email without duplicate emails
  • 100% Online : you don't need to install something or update flash. Just paste your text, and click on "Extract"
  • 100% Fast : it's really fast...
We make this tool very very easy to use. If you want new features, contact us, we will make the best to make them

Why do you need an email extractor?

An email extractor helps you generate more leads for your website via email campaigns. It can be hard getting genuine leads but with an online email extractor, you extract emails from previous emails in your computer, websites and even search engines.

Harvest emails in a fast, reliable and efficient manner. When it comes to online marketing, time is very important that's why you need a good online email extractor that will deliver results in just a matter of minutes. If you have experience in SEO, then you'd know how hard it can be to gather a large volume of emails at once; it can take days or months even. Manually collecting emails can be time consuming and tiring. That's why online email extractors are created to make the job easier for you.

How does these email extractors work?

Online email extractors are used by many online marketers and email campaigners in order to produce leads for their websites.

  • You can extract emails from a site or domain.
  • You can search for email addresses using your chosen keywords. Specific keywords will give you better leads since you know that the owners of these emails are already interested in your niche. If you don't have a list of sites or domains in mind to search for emails, then this is a better option for you.
  • You can also extract emails from your previous addresses and get all the emails from people you have corresponded with.

You can accelerate the process of collecting and building your email list with an online email extractor since the programs are designed for that purpose. You can build up your list pretty fast. You can save a lot of time and use it to advance your business instead of just poring through search engine results for sites with emails.